Frequently Asked Questions

What is SkyOS

The Sky Operating System, or SkyOS, is an operating system written for x86-based personal computers. SkyOS was created in 1996 by Robert Szeleney as a small bootloader. In the past 8 years, SkyOS has evolved into a full-featured, modern operating system, with a goal to be the easiest to use desktop operating system available for the average computer user. The development staff has also increased to include business, software, and graphics developers.

Is SkyOS a Linux distribution? Is SkyOS a *nix? Is SkyOS BeOS?

No, no, and no. SkyOS is an operating system written from scratch. It isn't based on any other operating system.

But SkyOS uses the same icons as KDE for Linux. Does this make it Linux?

No. This is the Crystal icon pack created by the very talented Everaldo, used in SkyOS with his blessing. This icon set is also used by KDE for Linux, which is why the icon sets look similar.

Does SkyOS use X Server, XFree86 or another X system?

SkyOS uses its own GUI system called "SkyGI", which features a complete C++ API. This system has nothing to do with X or XFree86, and is not based on either of these systems or their forks.

Is SkyOS a commercial operating system?

Yes. When it is officially released to the public, SkyOS will be a commercial operating system.

Is SkyOS open-source?

No. SkyOS is a closed-source operating system.

Does SkyOS use GPL'd code?

No. SkyOS uses no GPL'd code in the kernel/system. SkyOS does include some applications (such as Firefox) that are covered by the GPL. The source code to these applications is generally available upon request.

Is SkyOS POSIX compliant?

Yes, SkyOS is highly (but not 100%) POSIX compatible. Porting applications from POSIX operating systems is an easy task.

I can't find a download link! Where can I download SkyOS?

You cannot download SkyOS currently.

When will SkyOS be released publicly?

There is not a set date yet. We are constantly working to get SkyOS to a state that is ready for everyday use. Rest-assured, as soon as we know, you will too!

What is the SkyOS business model / roadmap?

We hope to build SkyOS as an operating system, and as a business, over a few stages.

The first stage was the "hobby" era of SkyOS. This would be considered SkyOS 1.0 through 4.9. This was the stage in which all the underlying parts of SkyOS were developed, and led up to just before development on SkyOS 5.0 began. During this time, major overhauls of systems began, a completely new interface was created, and hundreds of bugs and features were taken care of.

The second stage of SkyOS will be approached with the average home desktop user in mind. This will be when SkyOS 5.0 (temporary name) is available. SkyOS will aim at being an alternative for people looking for a fast, stable, inexpensive, and most of all, user-friendly desktop experience. SkyOS will be a great platform for all the standard desktop tasks, such as web browsing, e-mail, chat, word processing, music, videos, simple games, and more. SkyOS 5.0 will also be a very suitable environment for software developers wishing to develop for the SkyOS platform. Additionally, specialized versions of SkyOS (i.e. home media center) may also be released.

In the last stage of the current roadmap, SkyOS will expand to new horizons, and will hopefully include more support for 3D gaming, advanced multimedia and software development, and many other computing tasks. At this time, we will also begin looking at the possibility of developing a "Server" version of SkyOS.