SkyOS and System.Windows.Forms

Submitted by Robert Szeleney on Thu, 2006-02-16 17:18.

The first C# application using System.Windows.Forms developed in and for SkyOS:

Mono on SkyOS
As you can see, there are still a few minor graphical glitches.

Read more about it here.






With ategfu! Merry Christmas!

Congratulations again... Am

Congratulations again... Am looking forward to test it all...


Nice work!

I just picked up a C# book, so hopefully I can start playing around with it. :)

Yeah good. And nice to see

Yeah good. And nice to see the 100€ from the community (code ransom) on a other project!

Nice!! Will this keep that

Nice!! Will this keep that look+feel or will it eventually get the SkyOS look+feel?

Short userguide for mono & .NET programming under SkyOS

As the title says, I'd be very happy if someone could make a short document to help us Visual Studio-programmers to code for SkyOS. Just a description of the differences, what to use etc.

Paint .net

so will this allow programs such as Paint .net to work?

Once the

Once the Mangaged.Windows.Forms themeing engine is ready, I'm sure there will be a SkyOS theme soon

gtk#.NET or SkyOS Managed.Windows.Forms?

My guess is that any Forms created in C# for SkyOS is using the mono-assemblies that are hooked to the internal drawing in SkyOS?