SkyOS Beta - Build 6132

Submitted by Robert Szeleney on Wed, 2006-07-26 18:26.

SkyOS Beta - Build 6132 is available for download.
The main changes from build 5550 to build 6132 include:

  • Desktop composing. The entire GUI subsystem was rewritten to support desktop composing including flicker free drawing, double buffering, full alpha transparency, plugable composing effects, etc. Read more...
  • New binary format ELF. PE support was completely dropped, all libraries, application, drivers and the kernel are now ELF binaries.
  • Toolchain updates. Everything is now compiled with GCC 4.1.1 (ELF) and latest binutils. All standard and SkyGI header files have been updated for better C++ compatibility. Factory has been updated to build all recipes as ELF binaries
  • libtool. Finally libtool is fully supported, making it very easy to compile libraries without changing any single line of code.
  • New libc and libm.
  • New versions of various applications and new recipes
  • 440 bugs fixed and minor enhancements
  • Subnecto service
  • New indexfeeder plugins like People file converter
  • New factory packages
  • Changelog...



Furthermore, don't forget to download Lukas Linemayrs "People". Using People you can add/change people files and with the SkyOS query system (Video) you can search for all your contacts really quick now.




Since no one had commented yet I'll go ahead and say congratulations on a fine release. The system as a whole feels much more stable. Great work!