Preparing For Another Beta Release

Submitted by Tomasz Dominikowski on Tue, 2006-10-24 19:08.

Both Robert Szeleney and the Alpha Team are working hard to bring you the best next beta release possible. It nearly seems as if there are daily alpha builds of SkyOS (four released already). Here is the unofficial changelog for alpha builds to show you what's been achieved through this relatively short period of time (careful, this is confidential information, don't tell anyone):

- Hang on reboot after installation / hang on unmounting partition
- Fixed locking bug when destroying threads. (This explains the various installation crashes)
- various alpha2 fixes
- included subnecto, people and vnc viewer
- CD burning support via cdrecord and "CD ImageWriter"
- CD burning support for ATA/ATAPI and USB devices
- Fixed USB/Uhci crash when removing descriptors from transfers
- Replaced UHCI Roothub timer with thread
- Requeue interrupt URB for Hub driver
- Disable Hub driver on interrupt URB error
- Fixed Hub driver locking
- Fixed USB Hub Endpoint detection
- Above changes enables usage of: UHCI Port -> Combound device (cd/dvd recorder, flash card, hub->) -> Combound device (keyboard, hub->) -> Card reader
- Recompiled libsky with getprotobynumber_r support. Fixed mozilla suite loading bug occured in alpha3

To sum up, this is what you should expect from the next beta:
- (U)DMA
- Printing
- Simple GUI CD Writing (we hope to see an advanced GUI 3rd Party application based on cdrecord)

Is the 1st Novemeber release date possible? Quite.


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