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SkyOS BugTracker - 2004-05-22 10:15 - robert [Announcement]
Welcome to the SkyOS 5.0-beta BugTracker!

In order for a bug to get fixed it must be listed in this BugTracker!
Please use following rules when adding a new bug:

- Check that the bug doesn't exist already or wasn't fixed already

- Try to add as much details as you can about your bug

- The "simpler" and more specific a bug is, the faster it will be fixed

- Only ONE REPORT PER BUG. If there are multiple bugs in one report, the entire report will be deleted

- Whenever possible, try to add a Debug log file
When you add a debug log file the chance to fix this bug is much better.

To capture a debug file in VMWARE:
1. Add a serial port to vmware and select "Use output file"
2. Boot SkyOS in debug mode. (Last selection in GRUB menu).
3. Shutdown SkyOS
4. The debug log is now in your specified file

To capture a debug file from SkyOS running on physical hardware:
1. Connect a serial cable on COM1 on the machine SkyOS is running on
2. Use a terminal program (hyperterminal) and connect to the SkyOS machine using: 115200, 8, n, 1
3. Boot SkyOS in debug mode. (Last selection in GRUB menu).

Please enabled the "Email on Feedback" and "Email on Bugnote add" in your preferences menu to automatically get notified when additional information is required in order to fix your bug.

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